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kids and dog

I'm a writer! And a mom. And a wife. I cook meals, romp with the dog, clean cat barf off the carpet. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I usually wear glasses because contacts make my eyeballs itch.

I moved to Issaquah, Washington from New York because I found that every weekend I woke up hungry to escape the city and get to the forest. I'd grown up playing at an arboretum in Connecticut and have always found trees and dirt and ferns to be about the most soothing friends a girl can have. I figured there had to be a place where you could wake up in the company of trees and solitude and still be a short drive from a cool city. After a brief diversion to New Zealand I wound up here, where my house is within walking distance to trailheads into mountains where I wander by foot or mountain bike. I'm also walking distance to Issaquah Creek where salmon bigger than my arm come to spawn. Seriously—it is a crazy cool place to live.

I worked doing technology stuff but when my kids came along I found myself telling stories. All the time. I started wondering what the difference was between oral and written storytelling, and began taking writing classes. I published in kids magazines. I published non-fiction books. I kept taking writing classes. I did a certificate program at the University of Washington. I completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. And I started writing novels.


For me, writing is therapy. When the world is crashing at my feet I can sit with my laptop or my journal and go away to a world where things are better, or at least different. And when my own world feels mundane, my writing brings me to a place where there's WAY more fun going on. When life is a heaping bowl of red-ripe cherries, writing brings me a profound sense of peace and accomplishment. Even if what I've just written turns out, upon later reflection, to totally stink. The joy is in the act of writing.

Fantastic guy

Here are the things I've done that I am really proud of:

  • I survived high school
  • I lived for seven years in and around New York City
  • I represented a group called Nuclear Free America at a conference in Cordoba, Spain
  • I spent a year traveling in Africa and Asia (I believe EVERYONE should spend a year traveling somewhere)
  • I moved to Seattle even though I didn't know anyone there
  • I followed my heart and became a writer

Here's my resume. It pretty much talks about everything I've done since I grew up. There are those who would argue whether or not I have grown up...


Allyson Valentine

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